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Oct '23New update featuring Mixed Reality

Arcade Style VR Boxing

Read and react to your opponents and decimate them in this arcade-style, full body boxing experience built from the ground up for VR.

Physical Reality

Dodge, block, and attack how you want with precise tracking of your movements and punches.

Mixed Reality Update

Fight the crazy cast of boxers or train in your favorite training games in your own space. Also featuring many tweaks and balance updates to improve the Knockout League experience.

Knockout League Trailer

Epic Battles in VR

Attacks are larger than life in VR. Be enveloped by tentacle slams, flaming punches, and otherworldly magic!


Power and Skill

Your punch power and variety matter so you can be rewarded for playing skillfully. Earn the highest score possible by throwing the hardest punches and most varied combos.


Fun and Fitness

The speed bag, focus mitts, and reflex alley training games are designed to enhance your power, agility, and coordination. A built in calorie tracker records all of your activity to help you meet your fitness goals.

Step Into the Ring

Go from Challenger to Champion

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